Top Stories

The top story reasons of being easy to tell concerns the last visit to Thailand where I stayed at my favourite backpacker hostel in Chiang Rai for a week and as usual met many beautiful young lady backpackers. The first group included three thirty year old girls from Europe and basically providing a settlement map of Europe as we had one from France, the next from Italy and then one from Germany. Each of them had serious level thyroid disease or Hashimotos. Each of them had a doctor intent on removing the offending glands. How strange all within 24 hours. So some educational moments later with connections to the right information sources the girls had gone on their merry way and the next connection was with Julia. Sweet German lady with no appreciable health problems. Wow what a change from every day for the last month. Intelligent exciting adventurer, traveller. So a quick invitation to join her in a visit to Mae Salong and off we went the next morning hitch hiking to be exact. Enjoyed a lot of walking in Mae Salong and climbed the steps to the temple. 1,400 stairs to be sure!. The temple was the first I had seen without a Budha but had a relaxing energy. So we walked around for a bit and discussed shaker balancing which Yulia was interested in. Well the energy seemed to be perfect and the promised shaker balance was delivered and off we went back down the stairs where we said goodbye as I headed back to Chiang Rai. It was then a couple of weeks before the next message declared that the shaker balance had changed her life. Well there must be some good come of it as she changed her itinerary in favour of spiritual training and meditation, narrowly missing destruction in Nepal by one day. It is now nearly a year and the regular letters have never changed their tone. Life is fascinating!
Next story coming in a week or two. be patient please!!