Energy and spiritual
Acceptance of energy and spiritual healing practices has undergone vast expansion over the last decade. Being a practical person, I have separated this category into two components, the simply relaxing and the powerfully productive. Almost all persons no matter how skeptical can experience and believe in the relaxing properties of this type of therapy and its role in the overall outcome of a fitness maintenance, a healing program or a total body repair job, is important.
For those who are anywhere from slightly understanding to completely spiritual, the section on powerfully productive is revealing or expected. I would suggest that others not read the section until some time after basic energy relaxation had played a noticeable part in their progress.
Energy balancing
Relaxing can be a major component of any serious healing process. Not only are there substantial barriers to healing when the subject is a state of stress or any mental discomfort, but many practitioners believe there is a distinct initiating connection between the memory of trauma and ailments of many kinds.
Most practices based on spiritual techniques are relaxing to the mind and body and help to clear the memory of trauma and discomfort thus creating a suitable framework for healing to begin. It is worth mentioning at this stage that a religious fervour based on prayer for healing is equally or additionally useful if a relaxing feeling and positive attitude results from the prayer.
These methods are based on universal energy and unconditional love. Of the myriads of methods available Reiki is one which stands out as reliable and efficient. While quantifiable results are mostly related to trauma release and relaxation, the method is very powerful and many exceptionally interesting benefits have been derived.
The method is based on proximity of the practitioners hands to the source of pain, irritation or discomfort. A flow of universal energy is established through the channel to the recipient, which has a beneficial effect in activating the bodies repair mechanisms and circulation. Most people can feel a noticeable difference in energy flow, a warming or sometimes even the reliving of past trauma as its negative confining energy is cleared from the memory.
Circulation seems to be affected positively by most forms of manipulation or energy healing. The significance is related to some of the multiple roles of the blood in carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissue and carting away the rubbish. These roles alone are critical to all repair process. The quality of the blood is also important and is keyed to the intake of nutrients and acceptable regular ingestion of water.
Universal energy exists in connecting all living things as a communication and information channel. When combined with unconditional love it tends to reverse all negatives in life and render them inconsequential. Universal love takes a little practice to accomplish for most people.
Based on the understanding that each human reduced to a handful of minerals and gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and a few spoonsfull of minerals and trace elements) is similar to an animal or plant of similar density, the only real difference is the information and energy that decides what characteristics the cells will exhibit as the entity takes shape.
It is interesting to note that there are a number of approaches to the relationship between trauma and disease. The Mahikari approach is that ancestral connections may have attracted the wrath of adversaries whose spirits attach to the living with ill intent and cause illness and stress. Their approach is to gently and lovingly cajole the offending spirit into leaving.
The Christian scientists believe the trauma is normally within the current life so the complainant will sit in session with an assistant and follow an operable program to relive and release the trauma memory. It is further interesting that both these methods and many others, that make the same association, have huge numbers of positive case histories.
Another powerful tool in the right hands is meditation. Where the negatives can be cleared and a suitable stage set for healing to take place.
In this case the power of the mind is used to advantage and in fact a mind dedication is essential to most healing if it is to happen quickly and efficiently.
The power of the mind is another interesting study based on the facts that the average body has enough cells to go around the world twice if laid side by side and touching. Infinitely small as they are, each cell contains up to eight receptors capable of receiving electro chemical stimuli messages and the capacity to vary its response to each according to its own environmental circumstances. Each cell has a type so that it functions just in that particular role in the body. Just like a little computer too small to see.
It is suffice to say that the number of healings attributed to pure mind power is astounding and that there are many detailed books on the subject.
Powerfully productive
Once again Reiki is a leader in this field. Rediscovered in the 1800’s by a Japanese scholar Dr Mikaomi Usui, Reiki supports medical treatments, Encourages the bodies self healing ability, accesses the deepest states of relaxation, helping to balance the brain and body and finally of course is used extensively to provide support and comfort to the terminally ill. Reiki healing energy can be dispatched over continents, often with startling positive results. It is important to open the healing channel, so some reasonable belief pattern is helpful. I must admit to being among the most skeptical of all and only after dozens of clear results and a few spectacular ones at that, did I accept that while I could not see it, It did exist.
The major advantages of Reiki are the formulation, where a good master in teaching will follow a path which tends to program the student against the acceptance of negative energies from the universe or from the person to whom the healing energy is being dispatched. This is of supreme importance as negative energies can be adopted without notice if care is not taken. This can happen in providing any form of care or treatment at any time and can only be noticed in personality reversion or tiredness symptoms.